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Junk Drawer Heaven

Trouble finding things in your house? Try the Junk Drawer method and get organized!

How To Do Upholstery Cleaning – 5 DIY Tips

Is your sofa or couch in your living room looking dirty and shabby? You cannot buy new furniture as you’re short on budget? Why don’t you try cleaning your sofa yourself or hire professional cleaners to the job for you? Hiring professional help is a lot cheaper than you think. Even, DIY (Do It Yourself) upholstery cleaning can bring a smile on your face – when you see the results of regular upholstery cleaning.

12 Amazing Easy Tips to Clean Your Bathroom

Here we have gathered some useful bathroom cleaning hacks you’ve likely never heard about. Give these a try and you’ll be surprised.

Power Washers – Why Use Them for Residential Cleaning?

Cleaning is a very important task and when it is done with the right equipment it adds a sense of satisfaction to it. The power washers are used for the proper cleaning services for they bestow advanced and effective cleaning to the floors.

Starting Your Own Janitorial Company

If you decide that you want to start your janitorial company you should not just start buying supplies and equipment and look for people to work for your company. You need to take the time to do research on whom your perspective customers will be and drawing up a business plan. The business plan is the blueprint for starting and running your own company.

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