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What To Do If You Spill Paint on Carpet

Paint spills are bound to occur, and when it happens to carpet, it’s the worst! Fortunately, there are easy and effective solutions for removing paint from carpeting without damaging it’s structural and aesthetic integrity.

3 Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

One cannot run away from the need of carpet cleaning as it makes the surroundings of the house clean and fresh. Carpet cleaning needs to be done by professional cleaners only. However, there are many misconceptions about carpet cleaning procedure. Let’s clear 3 misconceptions about this process.

Washing Clothes in Aromatherapy Oils

It wasn’t something I never gave thought to until a few years ago while shopping in a linen store where I purchased some beautiful sheets. The shop assistant introduced me to the aroma therapy oils for washing clothes and things. She assured me they work as well or better than regular washing powders or products, they require no softeners, and they add a nice aroma to your clothes.

The Best Way to Treat Pet Stains on Oriental and Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are elegant and expensive but are still subject to unfortunate accidents that will damage their appearance. From liquid spills to pet stains, dealing with stains on oriental and Persian rugs should be handled with care and attention. Oriental and Persian rugs are either made from silk or wool.

7 Alternative Methods to Clean The Oven

After cooking you are usually faced with a small problem – how to clean the oven? Sometimes this task is not so easy, especially if you have to deal with accumulated grease and soot.

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