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Carpet Cleaning Tips and Ticks

Carpets and rugs can be a challenge to clean and remove stains. Professional carpet cleaning services can be expensive and difficult to work in to your schedule. Renting a carpet cleaning machine is a bit more economical, but you also have to purchase the shampoo to put in them. You can make your own carpet cleaner, however, one that can be used in most rented machines, in your own carpet cleaning machine or with just a bucket and a sponge. You can clean the whole carpet, high traffic areas or just remove spots or stains.

Manual Cleaning or Self-Cleaning Electric Shavers

Be it a man or a woman, grooming is important for everyone. A well-groomed individual is always pleasantly welcomed than a shabby-looking individual. For centuries, men are shaving and trimming their beards and body hair growth.

How to Clean Different Types of Upholstery

Here’s something gross. On average, if your upholstery isn’t professionally cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months, it’s probably dirtier than your toilet. Turns out, soft fabrics are the perfect place for bacteria and viruses to live. And looking at how often furniture is used, it’s easy to see that most of it is probably brimming with germs. Take a look at the following tips and give them a try so you can keep your furniture feeling fresh.

Indoor Mold and Mold Removal FAQs

Are you just now noticing that you may be living in a home with a mold infestation? Did you know just living around mold can cause some severe health risks? Here are the most frequently asked questions about indoor mold.

4 Amazing DIY Detergents That Work Great & Save Money

Learn 4 of my favorite DIY laundry detergent recipes! I will tell you what you need, how to make it, how to use it, and even make some personal suggestions for custom scents!

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